Rome Film Festival: Italy-India meetings

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Italy-India coproduction meetings were held last October 19 at the Bernini Hotel. They were the result of an agreement signed in Mumbai between FILAS and FICCI, organized with the Rome and Lazio Film Commission at "Business Street" at the Rome Film Festival. The meetings were attended by 35 Indian and 50 Italian producers.
The producers discussed coproduction projects accepted the previous month, thus bringing their previous knowledge of available projects to the meeting and getting right down to analyzing the practicality of projects, considering the concrete possibility of coproducing specific projects. The principal Indian producers were in attendance, from Kabir Bedi, an actor of mythic proportions for the Italian public, who has for some time been a producer in India and internationally and is very active in coproduction projects, to Yash Chopra, producer, writer, director and a leading figure in India, internationally recognized as the symbol of Bollywood.
The second part of the event saw the participation of a delegation of five Singapore producers, guests of FILAS, who last December signed an agreement with MDA, the Singapore Media Authority, which was announced at the latest Berlinale. The five Singapore producers, after initial Lazio-Singapore meetings organized by the Rome and Lazio Film Commission at the most recent Cannes Festival, continued their analysis and project planning activities with Lazio producers. To reciprocate and continue project development, next December a delegation of producers from Lazio will be in Singapore for the Asia Media Festival as guests of the Singapore Media Authority. Coproduction meetings continued during the following days at the Rome and Lazio Film Commission booth and as part of the following activities:

  • Roma and Lazio Film Commission promotional booth – Auditorium from 18 to 27 October Meetings between producers took place at the booth, including presentations and initiatives to support the film industry.
  •  9th series of CRC (Capital Regions for Cinema) meetings – under the European sponsorship of Viviane Reding, Commissioner for Information Society and Media for the first time in Rome, the ninth series of CRC (Capital Regions for Cinema) coproduction meetings at "Business Street". The Rome and Lazio Film Commission, along with representatives of the film commissions of Paris-Ile de France, Madrid Film Commission and Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, welcomed more than 60 European producers, who met to discuss European coproduction projects.
  • Location tour of Rome and Lazio with Indian producers – October 20 
    The location tour showed Indian producers and directors some of the resources and locations in the Rome and Lazio area.
  • FILAS-Ficci coproduction meetings with Indian producers resulting from the FILAS-Ficci (Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry) agreement signed last March in Mumbai. The meetings were organized by the Rome and Lazio Film Commission in conjunction with the Focus India initiative.

The new headquarters of the Rome and Lazio Film Commission is at 18 Via Virgilio, 00193 Rome, tel. +39 06 6841 1700, fax +39 06 6893 077.

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