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The second edition of the Ostia Film Festival took place from 2 to 6 June on the Roman coast. A rich and varied programme was arranged into six sections: International Preview (About Elly, City Island, Gentleman Broncos, Finding Amanda, Operazione Spysitter, Promettilo!, Tata Matilda e il grande botto, The World's Greatest Dad and Zone of the Dead), Italian Preview (18 anni dopo, Anno zero, La banda del brasiliano, La cosa giusta, Le ombre degli angeli, Sono viva and Totem Blue), an Italian section with homage to Umberto Lenzi, 'Derive' (dedicated to documentaries) and the ACEA awards section, constituted by "Ultravisioni" (Ultravisions) – an event in collaboration with Cartoons on the Bay, and "Energia!" (Energy!). Part of the festival was dedicated to workshops including a seminar with actor Roberto Ciufoli, entitled "Ridere è una cosa seria" (Laughing is a serious business). The award winners of the second edition – judged by the editorial committee composed of Francesco Cinquemani, Valerio Caprara, Alberto Crespi and Alessandro De Simone – were: Pupi Avati (lifetime achievement award), Paolo Virzì (best director), Giovanna Mezzogiorno (best actress), Sabrina Impacciatore (best comedy actress), Emilio Solfrizzi (best actor), Mimmo Calopresti (best documentary director), Luigi Sardiello (best début director), Federico Zampaglione (best second work) and Pier Francesco Aiello, for his production and distribution work. There was a great turnout from the public: "5000 passes issued and around 500 guests to the 'brigantino' events". The festival was sponsored by the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities, the Municipality of Rome's Department for Cultural Policies and Communication, Rome and Lazio Film Commission, the Presidency of Lazio Regional Council, the Province of Rome and the 8th sub-municipality of the Municipality of Rome.

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